Alyssa’s Rosales First Video

First Short Trailer Video

alyssa rosales

Short First Video

Alyssa is new famous person in this sick world. Well you can’t really call her famous in that way, Alyssa Rosales is more like world hated famous person!

Story as far as her Ex Boyfriend said is, she lost a bet and had sex with her boyfriends dog while he was filming it on a video camera. This crazy bet rule only was to fuck for a while with the doggy but Alyssa Rosales enjoyed it a lot, got horny and sucked dog’s willy. That what we can see in short 55 seconds long Alyssa Rosales video that was originally posted on Facebook and YouTube. This short video is not original first video, it was cropped and quality reduced to make it harder to see Alyssa, and only then it was uploaded to YouTube and Facebook where it went viral!

“I had to post full video on social network, it was part of the bet but Alyssa convinced me to upload only 55 seconds long video that I’ve cut out. After we broke up I could not let the world to exist without seeing full video, its hilarious”- Said Alyssa’s ex boyfriend. For security reason we’re not going to tell who he is! Don’t even ask us to reveal his information. We got many unknown information from him and as well many other Alyssa’s Rosales videos. We have uploaded all of them to our website.

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First Full Video in HD

alyssa rosales dog

Full First Video in HD

We all saw Alyssa Rosales first short video and we  were so excited about  what we have seen! Did you ever know there is a Alyssa Rosales full video? Well yeah there is, thanks to her Ex Boyfriend. And only on her official fame web page you will see it! Its 7 minutes 24 seconds long and its simply sick, I suggest you to stay away from it. And only proceed if you are over 18 and really sure that you want to see it and remember till end of your days! Well for boys who think she is sexy in the  last 2 minutes of the Alyssa Rosales Full Video, Alyssa  masturbates with her fingers, Enjoy guys!

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Please note: This is PREMIUM VIDEO! It contains hardcore sex nude scenes. Please participate in any offer and only then we will let you watch it!

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