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Alyssa Rosales

Story of Alyssa Rosales Video

Alyssa is new famous person in this sick world. Well you can’t really call her famous in that way, Alyssa Rosales is more like world hated famous person!
Story as far as her Ex Boyfriend said is, she lost a bet and had sex with her boyfriends dog while he was filming it on a video camera. Bet only included to fuck for a while with the doggy but Alyssa Rosales enjoyed it a lot, got horny and sucked dog’s willy. That what we can see in short Alyssa Rosales video that was originally posted on facebook and youtube. “To post full video on social network was part of a bet but Alyssa convinced me to post only 55 seconds long video that I cut out. Well after we broke up I could not let the world to existing without seeing full video”-Said her Ex Boyfriend. For security reason we re not going to tell who he is but we got many unknown information from him and as well ORIGINAL UNCUT 7 MINUTE  ALYSSA ROSALES VIDEO!

The full Alyssa Rosales video that is 7 minutes long contains real hardcore dog fuck, orgasm and pleasure sounds, happy dogs face after blow job and Alyssa Rosales masturbating after dog runs away! Only few people in the world saw it!  Must see if you think she is sexy, but we warn you after you will see it you won’t be able to unsee it anymore so proceed with extreme caution and only if you re over 18! To see it click image below.

Alyssa Rosales Video1 Watch Short Alyssa Rosales Video

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Alyssa Rosales Started Her Own WEBSITE

Guys shocking new Alyssa started her own website where she shares videos and her photos, she is saying she want to become Porn Star one day Check Website Here

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